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Classic Eyelash Extension Class

This is a 2-day course including theory and hands-on practice on the model and mannequin. As part of the course, you will receive your very own lash kit. Inside the case, you will find different sets of tweezers, tape, lash trays with different size and diameters of lashes, primer, remover, glue, sanitation masks, and mascara wands. Last you will receive our 360 Lash Class folder including all of the theory material to study and use for future reference.

Benefits of The Class

  • Everything is taught directly to you by a highly worldwide trained professional

  •   Learn how to build up your clientele

  •   How to promote yourself on social media

  •   Have access to marketing and business tips to help you in the future

  •   Learn how to provide a detailed one on one consultation

  •   Completing this class gives you a 10% discount for other classes

  •   Receive a Certificate of completion

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What will you learn in this course?

  • Educate on full sets, fills, and removal

  • In-depth product training 

  • Learn how to choose the right eyelash design for your client

  • How to determine your clients desired look 

  • Learn client aftercare instructions

  • Caring for irritations

  • Safety & Sanitation 

  • 360Lash eye pad and taping tricks 

  • Shedding Cycle

  • Advertising & Marketing Strategies  

  • Consent Forms 

  • Social Media Tips 


  • We will provide all this information on a  Manual that you get to take home with you at the end of the course! 

Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Hi love, my name is Maria Gomez. I am a Master Lash Artist and Owner of a very successful and highly respected lash salon in SFV; Omnia Lash Spa in Granada Hills.

I have been doing lashes for over 3 years and have trained many girls the skill of lashing.

Out of all of my accomplishments in my lashing career, teaching is the one that brings me the most joy because I know I’m changing the lives of the women I teach. By sharing this gift with my students it allows them to find their purpose in life and make great money while doing so.

Lashing changed my life forever. I am 100% financially independent, my son is in private school, I vacation often, I can finally afford a cleaning lady, I donate money every week to my church and most importantly – I shop till I drop!!J

Life is great and I would be honored to teach you how to get here!

Why 360Lash Academy ?

  • I have a true passion for watching others succeed (not a hater  )

  • I will not hold back on teaching you how to succeed in this business

  • I will give you all the shortcuts and show you how to learn faster

  • I will show you the EASIEST way to lash

  • I provide unlimited ongoing support

You could go to other lash certification courses out there. But is the teacher doing this full time? Does she have her own salon? Is she successful at doing it? Are her students successful after they are done with the training?

Don’t be fooled thinking cheaper is the way to go. Trust me, this is intense! There is a lot to learn and its going to take you a few weeks to get really good at this.

Thinking you can get by with just a quick few hundred dollar course will just leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. Half the students who attend my training have already taken another course and feel they need more to learn. What does that tell you?

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Why Learn Lashing?

  • Lashing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry. It’s still in its infant stages. Get in now and ride the wave to success.

  • There is still room for more lash techs in your city. Get in early and establish yourself before the market saturates.

  • You can be your own boss&make your own schedule. Trust me ladies there is nothing like freedom and financial success!

  • Give yourself a raise at any moment by taking more clients. You can’t do that when you have a job. Want to go to that nice vacation? Just work longer hours! Easy as that.

  • Take Vacations whenever you want! Yes, I’m beating a dead horse here. What other job can you have that lets you vacation whenever you want?

  • Make $2,000- $3,000 Weekly / $8,000-$12,000 Monthly! No joke.

  • Feel great making other woman feel beautiful. There is nothing like getting reviews from clients telling you how beautiful they feel because of you!

What else is left to say?  There has never been such a huge opportunity for women in history then now. This industry is primarily women based. This sector is literally less than 5 years old in the United States. And with women being more than 50% of the population that means half the adults in your city could potentially be YOUR client. Do you understand how HUGE this is? You need to sit back and read that again.

Where is The Training?

  • Classes are held in my salon: Omnia Lash Spa

  • 17814 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, Ca. 91344

  • Classes are only a small group of ladies. Usually 2-4

  • 1 Hour Lunch (Food is provided)

  • Schedule is 10am – 6pm

What is included in this Class?

  • 1 Full Day of hands on training with me personally. (not another trainer)

  • 40 Page Lash Extension Manual

  • Live Model to practice on from beginning to end

  • Lash Kit enough for 40 clients

  • Doll Head to practice at home

  • Certification of Completion

  • Step by Step “Action Plan” on what to do after class

Who can take this class?

  • This class is open to everyone! No license is required to take my class and learn lashes. However, in the State of California it is required to be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist in order to do lashes and charge money.

  • I encourage all my students to try out lashing first on models and see if you even like this before you go and spend time and money on beauty school. If you decide you like it, awesome!

  • I will guide you on where to go and what license to get.

  • How much is this course?

  • Your investment today is $950. You can make this back in one week of lashing! Seriously, its that good ladies! Lets get you started today!

  • Can I take Private Training with Maria?

  • Yes! I only allow 1-2 private trainings a month because of my busy schedule but I would absolutely love to give you my undivided attention and teach you the lashing world in private! Not to mention you can ask me anything you’d like regarding this business and how to grow it and any secrets you want to know 

  • The price for private training is $1,450. Again something that you can make back in 1-2 weeks of lashing!

  • For Private Class Contact

  • When Can I Start?

  • There is a ton of girls wanting to learn lashing right now due to its growing popularity.  However, I only allow 4 students per class because it allows me to give each person the perfect amount of one on one time. For this reason space is very limited and early sign up is highly encouraged.

  • We consistently sell out and some girls have to wait until next month to take the training.

  • 50% Deposit is required to register for class.

  • The remaining 50% is due the day of Class

  • Please click the button bellow and submit your information for our next Class Date and Link to send deposit!


  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Included in the Lash Kit?

  • I’ve put together a lash kit with all of the tools and supplies that I have found to be the best and the easiest in the industry to lash with. The kit will allow you to work on 40 people. When you run out you can always buy more from us.

  • Here’s a list of what’s included:

  • Tweezers

  • Tape

  • Patches

  • Glue Rings

  • Gel Remover

  • Lip Applicators

  • Swabs

  • Spoolies

  • Fan

  • Saline Water

  • Lash Tiles

  • Mister

  • Lash Glue

  • Lashes (Regulars Only)

  • C Curl .15 & .20

  • D Curl .15 & .20

  • Doll Head to practice on

  • Does this class include Hybrid and Volume?

  • This is a Classic Lash Class only. Volume and Hybrid is a very advanced technique and should not be attempted until you have mastered Classic Lashes (6months-1 year).

  • Volume Class Coming Soon! Special pricing will be given to students who took the Classic Course with me.

  • Do you allow Payment Plans?

  • No.

  • 50% is due to reserve your seat in the class and the remaining 50% is due the day of the class. No other payment arrangements are accepted. Cash and Debit/Credit Cards are accepted to make your payments.


Learning with us!

The entire course will be taught in detail by two of the most trained professionals in the industry!


Aimee and Gina have been in the business for several years now, running their own successful beauty salons and have received training in various places around the world to obtain all the skills and knowledge they have.


You will be taught all the basic skills there is to know, as well as have the opportunity to receive one on one training from Aimee & Gina and some of their highly trained staff, which will be there to guide you throughout the class and assist you with anything you may need.

"For the Look of the Future"
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